My name is Joseph Signorello III. I’m the son of Italian immigrants, a progressive, and a self-made man who’s worked in venture capital, started companies, and knows the business and tech worlds from the inside out. I cut through the nonsense to tell it like it is, and I want to serve the people of New Jersey as your next Senator.

I first felt the call to serve after the 2016 election of Donald Trump. When Trump won, I launched my own campaign for Mayor and won, flipping my hometown from Republican to Democrat in the process. I ran and won with three core beliefs: 1. I don’t back down from my principles, even about controversial topics; 2. I say what I mean, and I mean what I say, no nonsense; and 3. When I don’t immediately know the answer to a problem, I’m not afraid to admit it before using every ounce of my power to get to the right solution.

I have a vision for a Democratic Party that’s cunning, adept, and pragmatic about how we use our power in Congress, with New Jersey leading the way. I’m a Jersey native son, an unabashed outsider, a cunning political fighter undeterred by all the business-as-usual garbage. I’m running for Senate to give New Jerseyans a Senator they can trust who won’t back down.