Joseph Signorello III (people just call him “Joe”) is the Mayor of Roselle Park and a tech and finance entrepreneur. A New Jerseyan for life, Joe’s family has been in Roselle Park since 1904. Before that, they were a short ride away in Elizabeth. Italian Jerseyites through and through, he shares his name with his father and grandfather.

His grandfather owned a local eatery - Frenchy’s Bar and Grill - and his father was a union lineman for PSE&G. Both were members of the volunteer fire department and Roselle Park Board of Education. His mother came to New Jersey from Spilinga, Italy and has worked in the local public schools.

In Joe’s Roman Catholic household, he was raised to work hard and fight for what he cares about. He considers his faith to have been his first introduction to feeling a sense of responsibility to others, especially those less fortunate than him. He graduated from Union County Magnet High School, traveling up the Garden State Parkway to attend Seton Hall University and study business management. At the start of his career, he traveled the world working in finance and tech.

When Donald Trump won in 2016, Joe decided to pack his bags and move back home to get involved at the local level. The assault on basic human rights and corrupt leadership of the Republican party pushed him to take action in his hometown. Running up against an entrenched conservative machine, he ran for mayor in 2018 and won. In the process, he flipped Roselle Park from red to blue.

Re-elected in 2022, “Mayor Sig,” as he’s affectionately called by his neighbors, has helped revitalize the downtown while lowering taxes for the first time in over two decades. Drive through the business district and you’ll see some of the first electric vehicle charging stations ever installed in a municipal parking lot.

Joe is known in political circles for not backing down from his principles, even about controversial topics, and for saying what he means without any political filters. He has expertise in venture capital, tech and finance more broadly. He intends to bring all of these qualities to his campaign for Senate.

He believes the Senate is a chamber desperately in need of members with technological fluency, progressive priorities and pragmatic approaches to getting things done - all of which he brings to the table.

He further believes that New Jersey - one of the thirteen founding states of the country - can and ought to lead the way again toward real, attainable progress. He’s running for Senate to give New Jerseyans a Senator they can trust. Joe won’t back down and won’t embarrass his great state with endless scandals.

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